Thursday, June 15, 2006

Howie Cakes

Joe Ganniscoli aka Vito Spatafore, stopped by the Mets broadcast booth this afternoon. He had been on the field in Philly and got a signed bat from Sal Fasano, whom he called "Sally Cakes". Keith Hernandez pointed out that before the interview he called Howie Rose "Howie Cakes."
He talked about the Mets (he's actually a Yankees fan who roots for both teams), he misunderstood a poorly worded question about whether he was at any Met games in 1986, and he generally seemed to be enjoying his magic carpet ride.
He referred to Vito as "me" several times, including when he said he knew Vito was dead after "my little leather dance." Keith had no idea what he meant, and Ron Darling said "Keith got released after his leather dance."
After that episode David Chase told him he was gone in [episode] 11 or 12.
Then he said "It could be worse, it could have been a bat instead of a pool stick."
He closed with a pretty good Bob Murphy impression.
All in all an enjoyable visit.

I love you, Howie cakes


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