Tuesday, September 19, 2006

2006 National League Eastern Division Champs

It's only one step on a four-part journey, but ancient Chinese proverb say "even the longest of journeys begins with a single step."

While it's not cause to get overly excited all Mets fans can certainly enjoy last night's victory. Immediately after the game I popped open a bottle of champagne (actually Heineken) and fired a bunch of treats at my bewildered dog. He didn't quite grasp why "Mets win the division" merits four times as many treats as "Mets win." But he wasn't complaining.

There was to be no complaining on this night. Not even about the awful series in Pittsburgh. Because like in 1986 when the Mets tanked in Philadelphia, it meant the clinching would have to come at home.

Shea Stadium was rocking. The fans were really into it and knew they were going to see history. The night just felt special. All they needed was Trachsel and Valentin.

Nothing over the next two weeks matters. I don't want to hear it if Pedro pitches poorly, or El Duque gets bombed, or Heilman blows two more games. Nothing matters until October 3rd or 4th. Until then we just enjoy this feeling and hope we can recapture it three more times.

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