Friday, September 01, 2006

Unhappy Recap: Rockies 8 Mets 4

The Oliver Perez experiment is probably over for this year. He didn't have trouble with his control this time (walking only 2) but he gave up 12 hits and 7 runs in only three innings. I hope the Mets will send him down and try to rehabilitate him next year in spring training. I really believe he has talent and is young enough where he may still be able to make a breakthrough and become a great pitcher.

David Wright continued his hot hitting, with another home run.

Jose Reyes too continued his great season, he now has 70 RBI. As a leadoff man. In the National League. Incredible.
Reyes did make an error in the first inning which helepd to open the floodgates. It was the first error in the last 13 games for the Mets.

This game prevented the Mets from taking the season series from the Rockies.

The Rockies also said Kaz Matsui will be playing less over the next month because of the language barrier between him and rookie phenom Troy Tuloowitski.


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