Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Recap: Mets 6 Dodgers 5

Life as a Mets fan: always exciting, never easy. A game the Mets could have put away become much more exciting than it had to be.

But let's start at the beginning:

A fan interfered with Delgado's attempt to catch a foul ball against Nomar. I couldn't hear anything after that because 50,000 people were calling that guy an asshole.

ass-hole, ass-hole

A huge inning was averted on one of the craziest plays you will ever see, especially in a playoff game. The double play at home was the turning point to the whole game. Drew made a huge mistake because I think if he had sprinted the whole way he could have snuck in past Lo Duca, but he paused midway down the line allowing the Mets to turn one of the all-time greatest double plays. Had he been on third the score likely would have been at least 2-0. But the Mets got out of it by allowing only one run.

1 out
and two outs

Carlos Delgado who had an absolutely tremendous game gave the Mets a big lift with his home run to tie the game.


Cliff Floyd's home run was key also because they are going to need him to hit better than he did all season.

I do not have a problem with Willie going to Feliciano in the 5th inning. Maine pitched well but this is not the regular season. The playoffs have to be managed differently and you can use your bullpen more than you would in the regular season. This is especially true because Maine was pressed into spot duty and the bullpen is the strength of the team. Plus the move worked. Even though he didn't get through the fifth Maine's start has to be considered a success and gives confidence should he have to be used again.

David Wright got a big hit in the 6th to give the Mets a 3-run cushion but they should have had more. Shawn Green struck out with Wright on third and only one out.

And here is where Willie made a mistake. I said this before it happened so it is not a second guess. He should have pinch hit for Mota with the bases loaded and two outs. His defense was, with a 3-run lead he needs to go with his pitcher who has the best chance of getting the next 3 outs. I think the likelihood that another reliever could have pitched a scoreless 7th as compared to Mota is not as big a difference as the likelihood that a pinch hitter would have gotten a hit, once again as compared to Mota. Of course this move ended up backfiring, but that doesn't prove it was the wrong decision.

The wroing decision was made by Jose Valentin to try to get the lead runner on Betemit's grounder. After that Furcal singled in a run, and with two outs, Mota couldn't get Nomar, who tied the game with a double.

Then the idiot Grady Little took over. For some reason he brought in his injured starter, Brad Penny. Penny had no control, and walked two guys. He got behind Delgado 3-1 and gave up a single which led to the go-ahead run. Wright hit one of the shortest doubles (good hustle) in baseball history to give the Mets a 2 run lead. Second and third and 1 out and the Mets once again missed a chance to drive in a run with an out.

Heilman pitched a good 8th and then it was up to Wagner. Even though Wagner gave up a run, and scared the hell out of, I don't care. A closer is judged on only one thing: saves. He got the save at that's all that matters. Plus, the stadium was electric for "Enter Sandman." Sleep with one eye open...

The Mets have a real chance to take a 2-0 lead with Glavine on the mound tonight. But you know how they do against unfamiliar pitchers like Kuo.


Anonymous The Concierge said...

Mota has 2 home runs in 33 career plate appearances leaving his hr avg. at .061 as compared to Delgado's career Hr Avg of .067, Wright .047 and Beltran .045. While mota is only a career 212 hitter, by the numbers he has one of the best shots on the team to hit a grand slam with the bases loaded

Thursday, October 05, 2006 8:51:00 AM  

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