Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 6 Pirates 3

We begin with our Keith Hernandez recap. Tonight, Keith revealed that he changed gloves every three months. He also told viewers they are lucky for the commercial breaks, because that's when the stadium blasts the music too loud. He even stopped talking at one point because the soundbite encouraging people to chant "let's go Mets!" was so loud. But the most revealing nugget is that A-Rod collects gold gloves, actually calling other players and asking for a mitt or two for his collection. Gary Cohen rightly asked if Keith charged him, because, A-Rod can afford it.

Lastings Milledge played center tonight (Beltran has a strained core. What the hell is that?) and continued to hit the ball well. Lo Duca also looks like he's breaking out of it, with 2 clutch doubles. He must be banging a teenager again. For an ace, Gorzelanny looked like crap tonight. Every thing was a meatball over the middle. Finally, he was pulled under pretense of an injury.

But the big story is that the Mets gave Glavine a big lead, and he didn't blow it. He wasn't great, but good enough to get win #299. He'll go for #300 in Milwaukee on Tuesday.

More Keith hilarity. He lost it in the 4th inning recounting Caddyshack lines. We now know that Keith considers it the funniest movie ever. And if Keith says it, it must be true. He also started texting his wife during the game, and revealed that he's too lazy to drive back out to Long Island, so he's staying in the city for the next couple of nights because the Mets are playing day games. That means he will be away from his dog Duncan for a couple of nights, which is bad. He's really starting to achieve a Phil Rizzuto level of nuttiness, which I love.

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