Thursday, August 23, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Padres 7 Mets 5

The Mets got about all they can expect from Brian Lawrence (4 runs in 5 innings), he can probanly pitch better but all they can hope for is that he will keep them in the game, which he did.

Carlos Beltran who has been on fire lately got a 2 run double to cut the lead to two.

But the overworked bullpen blew it wide open. Mota came in and retired 5 batters in a row then got an 0-2 count on Adrian Gonzalez. Gonzalez singled then Mota walked Cameron. Two hits later it was 7-2 and the game was basically over.

But the Mets mounted a furious comeback in the bottom of the 9th. Anderson doubled, Conine singled, Reyes made out and Castillo reached on an error by the pitcher (he fired about 5 feet over the first baseman's head from only two feet away). Then it really looked like the Mets were going to come back as a popup was dropped in the short outfield. But Castillo was holding on at first and couldn't get to second in time. But Beltran singled to give the Mets a chance.

By this time Trevor Hoffman was in to face Delgado. A homer would have tied it, but Delgado struck out.

Delgado went 0-5 in this game. He struck out with two on in the first, he flew out with the bases loaded in the third, he fouled out with Beltran on second in the fifth and then in the 9th he ended the game, all four of those times ending an inning. For the season he is batting .175 with 2 out and men in scoring position, but he is only 5 for his last 50 in those situations. Plus it is clear that San Diego has a book on him, he was thrown nothing but high and tight fastballs and he was swinging and missing at all of them.

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