Sunday, September 16, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Phillies 5 Mets 3

Another horrible loss against the Phillies in which the Mets were done in the by their bullpen, their defense and their lack of timely hitting.

Pedro pitched well again, allowing only one run in the first inning and nothing else through 6. He did allow 7 hits but he struck out 9 and walked none, but with a pitch count of 98 Willie decided to take him out there.

The Mets gave him three runs of support, but it should have been a lot more.

In the second the Mets loaded the bases with nobody out. LoDuca hit into a fielder's choice, and after the Mets scored when Milledge got hit by a pitch, Pedro made out (to be expected) and so did the slumping Jose Reyes.

Beltran and LoDuca contributed RBI singles in the third to give the Mets the 3-1 lead.

The bottom of the 6th against Kane Davis was really the beginning of the end for the Mets. With one out he walked Gotay but Gotay was caught stealing. Then he walked Reyes and Castillo, but for some reason Reyes tried to steal third with Wright up, and got thrown out. Three walks and no runs.

And in the top of the 7th, things started to crumble. Iguchi led off with a double against Feliciano and then Green botched a hard ground ball to put Rollins on base with a run in and no outs and Utley, Burrell and Howard coming up. And Feliciano struck out all three of them.

But then Willie fucked up again, leaving Feliciano in for the 8th inning (I guess he has no one else) and that resulted in the Mets' ruin. Aaron Rowand led off the inning with a game tying home run. Jorge Sosa came in and walked 2 batters but got two outs. The third out should have been an easy fly ball to Beltran, but he came in on it first, and it went over his head for a triple for Jimmy Rollins and a 5-3 lead.

Even though the game was over at this point Marlon Anderson went nuts in the bottom of the 9th when he was called out on a pitch that was 6 inches (or more) outside. And like LoDuca the night before Anderson was ejected by an umpire with a very short fuse.

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