Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 3 Marlins 0

What a game by Oliver Perez. Considering a lot of people wanted to dump him from the rotation earlier this season, his turnaround is nothing short of amazing. The Mets absolutely have to resign him in the offseason and a guy pitching this well, this young, could definitely get a 5-year, $70 million contract. I think once he got out of that trouble in the second inning, he relaxed and got ahead of hitters. And when he pitches that way he is damn near unhittable. I think it was wise for Manuel to stick with him for that extra inning even though his pitch count was high. I don't believe in pushing guys over 100 consistently, but in this case it was warranted.

Who was that guy wearing Aaron Heilman's jersey? Whoever it was retired 6 straight batters and struck out 3. I thought Manuel did the right thing by giving him two innings. First of all, he was going well, so you stick with the hot guy. Also, you give the rest of the bullpen the night off, which will be key with a rookie starting the next game.

In the span of 4 at bats for the Mets, David Wright hit 2 2-run homers.

And I think with Perez especially it's key to get him a lead early because all the starters probably feel if they don't pitch a shutout, and leave with a 4-run lead, the bullpen will blow it. Getting that early lead took some of the edge off.

Carlos Delgado also had a solo homer. He has slowed down a little, but hasn't fallen into that huge slump he was in for 3 months. The Mets need him to be a consistent performer.

Daniel Murphy is awesome. What a start to a major league career.

This was a big victory because the Mets need to take this series and will have trouble winning with Brian Stokes on the mound.

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