Monday, August 25, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Astros 6 Mets 4

If the Mets bullpen gets enough chances, eventually they'll blow the game. This time it was Feliciano but it could have been anyone.

Rough game for Oliver Perez, but as I've said before, his bad starts are getting better, giving the Mets a chance to win them. But Heilman was Heilman and allowed the inherited runner to score. Thankfully he got bailed out by a horrible third base coaching decision.

I have liked just about everything Manuel has done with this team since taking over but I feel that he uses too many relievers. He makes too many changes based on lefty-righty nonsense. With a bullpen this bad if you use every guy someone will be having a bad day. He could have stuck with Schoeneweis, Smith and Ayala a little longer.

The biggest problem with this loss though is that Carlos Beltran's two homers came in vain. He's been struggling recently and if that second homer could have stood up as the winning run it might have been big for him.

Once again the Mets got out early, and couldn't score in the last 7 innings, and the last 15 batters of the game went down in order.

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