Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy Recap: Mets 13 Cubs 7

What an inning. A game that started poorly became a game we'll never forget. Let's go through the 6th inning play-by-play.

Woodward flied out to center.
Beltran reached on an error by Todd Walker.
Delgado singled to center, should have been caught by Pierre.
Wright singled to right.
Floyd hit a grand slam.
Nady walked.
Castro reached on another error by Walker. He dropped the throw from third on a sure double play.
Chavez singled.
Valentin singled, could have been fielded by Ramirez.
Woodward hit into fielder's choice, Castro out at home.
Beltran hit a grand slam.
Delgado doubled.
Wright homered.
Floyd walked.
Nady walked.
Castro flied out.


Now some stats:
11 runs
8 unearned, due to 2 errors by Todd Walker
8 hits
16 batters
70 pitches seen
41 minutes from first pitch to last out
First time a team had 2 grand slams in one inning since 1999 when Fernando Tatis had 2 himself
Most runs in one inning in team history
Mets had only 2 grand slams all season before this
Mets scored 10 runs in an inning in 1979 against Cincinnati and against Atlanta, memorably, in 2000

El Duque was horrible. Through his first 7 starts as a Met he was great in the odd starts (2.57 ERA) but horrible in the even starts (15.41). Then he put up two good starts in a row (vs. Yankees & Pirates) so his order changed and now he got his ass kicked in his 9th start as a Met. Overall he is 3-4 with a 5.18 ERA since the trade.

Darren Oliver was great again in covering for a shitty start and keeping the game close enough.
Feliciano, Bradford, Bell, Heilman and Sanchez all pitched one inning. Heilman gave up 2 runs but I can't complain because he had an 8-run lead at the time.

grand slam number 1
grand slam number 2
Pierre should have caught this ball
Walker's second error
this shadow is awesome
I love Castro, check out this face he's making


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