Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wright's Derby

David Wright started the Home Run Derby with a bang, but went out with a whimper.
Wright blasted 16 homers in the first round (3rd best all-time). He had Paul Lo Duca pitch to him, because Lo Duca asked him.
Wright faded, hitting only 2 in the second round. But because of the new rules his score carried over, and his big lead enabled him to move on to the finals.
Then scores were reset for the final round. Wright went first and hit 4 home runs. Ryan Howard still had 5 outs left when he blasted his fifth home run to become the champion.
I am not worried about either player having a Home Run Derby jinx. Both are strong, young sluggers.
I don't think Wright's fatigue will carry over until tonight, or into Friday.
Remember the Mets get an extra day off after the All-Star break this year.


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