Saturday, July 08, 2006

Unhappy Recap: Marlins 7 Mets 3

Jose Lima sucks.

In broadcast news, we might all that an NS lead (no shit). In magazine, an editor might say ARK (assume reader knows), but just in case Willie Randolph or Omar Minaya reads this blog I'll say it again.

Jose Lima sucks.

He's been terrible in four starts giving the team no chance to win. He must not start again.

This game actually didn't start out too badly for him.

He gave up a leadoff single, then the runner took third on the ground ball and scored on Franco's throwing error. But he was able to settle down and get the next two. He had 2 on in the second and got out of it, and pitched a 1-2-3 third. Then came the fourth inning.

It started with a walk to Cabrera and a double to Jacobs. Then he got an easy grounder to Wright, but Wright's throw was too high and it loaded the bases. This is when Lima lost his composure. He gets too excited on the mound. I actually heard Willie on the radio talking about getting him to calm down. Didn't work.

Two weak singles made it 3-0. Then Dontrelle Willis came up (still no one out) and hit a grand slam. Willie tried to give him another chance, but when the next batter singled, he had to take Lima out, hopefully for the last time.

Oliver pitched five good innings to save the rest of the bullpen and prove once and for all that he should be the first option when the Mets need a spot starter.

The Mets weren't much better on offense, leaving tons of runners on base:
First inning, first and second, none out: Beltran flies out, Wright and Franco strike out.
Second inning, first and second, none out: Castro strikes out, Lima sacrifices, Reyes walks and Woodward strikes out.
Those innings happened when the score was 1-0 and the game was still in doubt.
After the Marlins took a 7-0 lead the Mets came back on a Woodward homer and a 2-run double by Nady in the fifth.
Also in the fifth inning, first and third, two out: Castro strikes out.
Eighth innings, first and third, one out: Valentin strikes out, Woodward lines out.

Castro also struck out earlier in that inning, a really bad night for my boy.

The one bright spot was the performance of Henry Owens, he pitched a good and fun ninth inning. He throws hard, has an interesting delivery and hopefully can keep a spot in the bullpen for the rest of the year.


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