Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Recap: Mets 8 Yankees 3

A good way to end a tough losing streak.

This team starts with Jose Reyes. When he gets on and over and in, in the first inning, this team wins. When he doesn't hit (and the other team jumps out to an early lead) the Mets are in trouble. David Wright came through with a big hit to give the Mets a 2-0 lead.

Trachsel of course was Trachsel. He didn't pitch horribly, just slowly, always in trouble, and as we expect, he did give back the 2-run lead.

Ramon Castro put the Mets ahead for good with a two-run single (Viva Castro). Reyes and LoDuca followed up with RBI singles and the Mets were ahead 7-2.

Trachsel did a good job holding the lead after that.

Heilman as usual looked shaky. And Wagner came on and pitched well in the 9th.

Although A-Rod got the big homer earlier this week, and he did drive in the Yankees first run in this game, he hit a solo homer off Heilman in the 8th with the score 8-2.

Trachsel now has the same 7-4 record as Pedro.


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