Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Unhappy Recap: Red Sox 9 Mets 4

A horrible game for the Mets, but it wasn't quite as bad as the score indicates, the Mets had plenty of chances to win this one.

Soler got killed, gave up 2 in the first and one in the second. When Delgado homered in the second, Soler gave that run right back.

The Mets had a great chance in the fourth with the bases loaded and one out. Franco walked to force in a run. Then Nady hit a weak grounder to first, forcing the runner at home and Woodward struck out, ending that threat.

It was still 3-2 and with two out and two on Manny hit a pop up to Milledge and the whole game went down the tubes. Milledge lost it and as Kate described it "spun around like a ballerina. He fell on his ass and two runs scored.

With the score 5-2 the Mets mounted another threat in the fifth when the idiot Manny Acta (must be something about guys named Manny) waved Reyes around third even though the other Manny already had the ball. Instead of bases loaded no out we had first and second and two out and oh no! Reyes tried to be tough and barrel into Varitek. He took the worst of it but thankfully he is ok.

After that, Delgado walked and the Mets loaded the bases for Wright, who on the tenth pitch of the at bat struck out.

Rookie starter Jon Lester pumped his fist. He was out of trouble again, and out of the game.

In those two innings the Mets were 0-3 with the bases loaded with one RBI, on a walk.

The Red Sox put it away with two homers in the bottom of the inning.

Marrero and Beltran hit meaningless homers.

Wasn't good to see Duaner Sanchez come back and not pitch well.

Both teams now have the same number of wins they did on this date in 1986. But the Mets have 8 more losses, and the Red Sox have 3 more. The Mets actually have a bigger lead now, than they did in 86 though.

Keith Hernandez was in the reminiscing mood. First he spoke about how he has on several occassions come across a guy asking him to autograph his baseball card. He said each time he was thinking "you carry around my baseball card in your wallet."

Then Keith confessed that he's more well known for his brief appearance on Seinfeld than for his entire career as a baseball player. Younger guys frequently come up to him and offer to help him move.


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