Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Cycle

Great accomplishment for Jose Reyes last night, hitting for the cycle. Very seldom do you see a guy need a single to make the cycle.

-When a player hits for the cycle his team wins 84% of the time
-25 game winning streak for teams with the cycle was snapped last night
-The Mets are now 8-1 when a player hits for cycle
-Other Mets that hit for the cycle: Jim Hickman, Tommie Agee, Mike Phillips, Keith Hernandez (the famous 19-inning game vs. the Braves), Kevin McReynolds, Alex Ochoa, John Olerud and Eric Valent
-There have been 268 cycles in major league history, the Mets have nine
-There have been 232 no-hitters in major league history, the Mets have none

It's a shame that Reyes' cycle was ruined in this way. It's a night he'll always remember and he was genuinely excited about it. They even took the ball off the field for his trophy case. It's the sort of unusual accomplishment that many great players never get to achieve. Too bad Wagner ruined it.


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