Saturday, July 01, 2006

Unhappy Recap: Yankees 2 Mets 0

Not much to say about a 1-hit shutout. The Mets sucked last night, for the fourth straight game in a row.

They couldn't even muster more than one hit off the awful Yankees bullpen.

El Duque looked pretty good though. If he can pitch like that the rest of the season, consistently, he can fill the void behind Glavine and Pedro. The double-edged sword of this whole deal, is that he probably won't pitch that way all season, he was just more pumped up to face the Yankees and won't muster that intensity for the Marlins or Nationals. That's good because it means he should be able to be a good pitcher in the playoffs (as he's always been) should the Mets get there.

Still worried about Duaner Sanchez though he did get through a scoreless inning for the first time since his freak injury.

Horrible to see that HGH inflated Jason Giambi hit a home run. Everyone knows he's on HGH, but we can't prove it. Drives me nuts.


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