Monday, July 31, 2006

Trade Talk

Would you trade Lastings Milledge for Barry Zito?

I wouldn't. I think the Mets have an excellent shot to get to the playoffs with the team as it is currently constituted. I also think the Mets are stronger than any other team in the NL, maybe the Cardinals are equal. So basically, it would mean giving up a top prospect for the difference between Trachsel and Zito over only 2 or 3 playoff starts. Because the postseason is such a crapshoot, I don't think that improvement is worth the considerable cost of Milledge.

I don't see why the Mets would be interested in Kip Wells and/or Roberto Hernandez. I don't think Wells is an improvement over El Duque, Trachsel, Pelfrey or Maine.

I don't really care for Livan Hernandez either. Although, I could get behind a trade for him because he is an innings eater and a big game pitcher.

I do not like Jon Lieber.

Julio Lugo is apparently available but as always the Devil Rays are driving a hard bargain. ESPN reports they are asking for two pitching prospects for him. If Valentin can keep hitting anywhere near this well, he's better for this team than Lugo. The mets don't need a top of the order speedster.


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