Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Unhappy Recap: Cubs 8 Mets 7

What is up with the fifth inning? For the second straight game the Mets starter imploded in the 5th deeming the game unwinnable.

Trachsel has pitched very well (or at least well enough to win) for the past two months, so we can forgive him one bad start. He's still 9-5 and basically kept the rotation afloat over the past month. Pedro and Glavine won on June 22 and 23rd and neither has won since. Trachsel has won four games over that span.

Delgado and Nady continue to get big hits and drive in runs.
The Mets last chance in the 7th was thwarted by something I normally support (scoring runs with outs). Unfortunately, facing a 4 run deficit, with bases loaded and no one out, Lo Duca grounded out, Beltran flew out and Delgado walked. Wright singled in a run but that still left us one run short.

Other than the one single that allowed two inherited runners to score, Heath Bell pitched well. Bradford and Sanchez pitched well also. It was Trachsel, not the bullpen that was the problem today.

Ryan Dempster who sucks this year, shut the Mets down in the ninth, and that was that.


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