Monday, July 17, 2006

Midseason Awards

Mets Weekly handed out their midseason awards on this week's episode, here's the rundown, with my take.

Best Newcomer
The nominees: Billy Wagner, Carlos Delgado & Paul Lo Duca
Mets Weekly: Paul Lo Duca
I say: Carlos Delgado. We know it can't be Wagner (too many blown saves) and I know Delgado hasn't hit for long stretches but Lo Duca hasn't thrown out runners or driven in runs and I think Delgado helps Beltran and Wright by being in the cleanup spot

Best newcomer

Biggest Surprise
The nominees: Endy Chavez, Darren Oliver & Jose Valentin
Mets Weekly: Jose Valentin
I say: Jose Valentin. I love the job Oliver has done, and Chavez has been a great fourth outfielder especially because the three starters have all missed time. But Valentin is now a starter, and has done much more than expected.

Best Defensive Play
The nominees: David Wright diving stop to start double play against the Phillies, Lastings Milledge's throw to third and Anderson Hernandez' diving catch.
Mets Weekly: Anderson Hernandez
I say: Lastings Milledge throw. An unbelievable play that ushered in an era. Maybe throws like that are more common than catches like the one Hernandez made, but I don't care.

Best Walkoff
The nominees: Woodward's sacrifice fly to drive home Milledge in the second game of a doubleheader against the Giants, David Wright against the Yankees & Beltran's homer in the 16th against the Phillies
Mets Weekly: David Wright
I say: David Wright. I was at this one and the Woodward one. Anything that happens against the Yankees automatically doubles in importance.

The nominees: Jose Reyes, Tom Glavine & David Wright
Mets Weekly: David Wright
I say: David Wright, but this was actually closer than you might think. Jose Reyes is definitely the spark that starts the Mets fire. I think game-to-game his performance has the greatest impact on whether the team wins or loses. Tom Glavine has been great, imagine how bad the pitching staff would be in the 2004 Tom Glavine were pitching and he was 6-7, instead of 11-2 (first half). But there's just something about David Wright. He is special. He is clutch. He is our MVP!


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