Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Recap: Mets 7 Dodgers 0

After the Mets bats took a hiatus for two games, it's been the other teams that can't score. The Mets pitching staff has allowed one run in the last three games (a homer by Brian McCann) and no runs in the last 25 innings.

The Mets took an early lead in the first when Reyes got on and scored on a hit by Beltran. Then Delgado hit one off the very top of the wall in center for a double, and Beltran scored on a sac fly by Wright. It was 3-0 after Jose Valentin hit his 15th homer in the 2nd.

The Mets scored once in the 6th and had two men on when Jose Reyes came up. He hit a deep fly ball to center which Matt Kemp misplayed (he screwed up at least three flyballs) and it rolled all the way back into center field. Turns out the only thing more exciting than a Jose Reyes triple, is a Jose Reyes inside the park home run. His 18th of the year, giving him a great shot to be the only player not named Mays to have 20 doubles, triples, homers and steals in the same season.

But Reyes dropped a popup in the 7th which forced Glavine to leave after 6 1/3 innings. Glavine was great in his first start since coming back from the cold finger problem. Encouraging sign for the postseason. No matter how good the team is hitting you don't want to go into the playoffs with health/rust questions for Pedro AND Glavine.

Mota, Hernandez and Heilman preserved the shutout.

Shawn Green kept his bat hot with two more hits. And with the return to the lineup of Beltran and Floyd, Green hit 7th and Valentin hit 8th. A very strong and deep lineup.


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