Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Recap: Mets 9 Dodgers 5

The clincher!!!!!!!!!!

Definitely the worst game of the three playoff games. Trachsel did not pitch well and the bullpen was worse. If not for some timely hitting (em where they ain't), the Mets would have to send Oliver Perez to the mound to prevent a Game 5.

Don't get me wrong. Things started well enough. Reyes made the first out. Then Lo Duca walked. Then Beltran singled but Lo Duca was thrown out at third. He took the chance because Drew dove for the ball. But Lo Duca had to stop to see if it would be caught, and Lofton was backing up the play.

Beltran's bloop

After that out Delgado, Wright, Floyd and Green all singled, resulting in 3 runs and another early lead.

The Mets got nothing in the second despite a hit by Reyes (caught stealing) and LoDuca reaching on a HBP.

Lo Duca hit by pitch in the second

The Mets tacked on one run in the third when Shawn Green hit one off the top of the wall in left sending Marlon Anderson tumbling.

Cliff Floyd scored on the play but got hurt coming around third base.

Trachsel lost his stuff in the 4th and loaded the bases. James Loney doubled in 2 runs ending Trachsel's night.

Darren Oliver came in with second and third and one out and caught a huge break. A line drive was hit right to him, for an easy double play.

But Oliver wasn't so lucky in the 5th when he allowed a game-tying 2-run homer to Jeff Kent.

Bradford relieved Oliver and gave up a bloop single to Russell Martin on a pitch that was about 6 inches off the ground. Bradford went 3-0 on Wilson Betemit, eventually walked him to load the bases. Up came Loney again, this time against Feliciano. He also worked a 3-0 count, eventually walking in the go-ahead run.

Nothing aggravates me more than a relief pitcher coming in from the bullpen and walking the first batter he faces. Especially in a tied playoff game. He saved himself by getting out Nomar with the bases still loaded.

The resilient offense came right back on RBI singles by Reyes, LoDuca and Beltran. All three were bloop singles that happened to find a hole.

So the Mets turned a 7-5 lead over to the bullpen. Mota survived two innings. Then they tacked on 2 more runs in the 8th, giving Heilman a 4 run lead. He gave up 2 hits but no runs in the 8th and Wagner closed the game for the victory.


What the fuck is Mota doing?


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