Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Difference Between Mota and Bonds

There has been a lot of talk recently about whether the Mets should have resigned Gulliermo Mota after his failed steroid test and the resulting 50-game suspension. And how should the Mets fans received Mota, if they are going to boo Barry Bonds.

1) If the Mets think a clean Mota can help the team, then they should have signed them. A lifetime ban for the first offense is too strict.
2) Mota apologized and took responsibility, Bonds never has and never will.
3) Not only does Bonds deny, deny, deny, but he acts like the victim.
4) It seems clear based on changes in performance and physical appearance that Bonds was using steroids for much longer than Mota, and to much greater advantage.
5) Bonds is chasing one of the most hallowed records in baseball while Mota is a middle reliever. That matters. Because the most damaging part of the steroids era is that is has permanently filled the record books with fraudulent records. And in baseball, records and numbers and history mean everything, and Bonds has tarnished that. Mota hasn't.

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