Sunday, May 20, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Yankees 6 Mets 2

You didn't expect the Mets to sweep the Yankees did you?

John Maine is really starting to struggle. He is not the type of pitcher who can constantly be behind hitters, and walk guys and expect to work his way out of jams with strikeouts. He got burned in the fourth inning with two walks, then let his guard down and allowed the homer to Jeter which put the game out of reach.

David Wright is getting really hot. Home runs in 3 straight at bats.

Carlos Delgado still looks awful at the plate.

Damion Easley is still showing tremendous power and it was nice to go down with a kick and add another run to Rivera's horrible ERA.

The Mets always struggle with rookie pitchers whom they've never seen before so we shouldn't be too shocked about the success Tyler Clipboard had against them. Maybe it's a good thing Rasner got knocked out of Saturday's game when he did.

As I said before the series, the next three games against Atlanta are a lot more important than the last three against the Yankees. If the Mets lose this series. it'll be the third lost series to the Braves out of 3, so far this year.

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