Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 5 Cubs 4

A walk off walk off Wuertz. Awesome, though not as fun as if it had come off this guy.

The game didn't start off great for Glavine. He gave up four runs in the first two innings on four plays that could have been made.
1) With Soriano on second in the first, Ramirez blooped one that basically landed on Beltran's glove. Had he been a little quicker to it, or been playing shallower (though I can't complain with Ramirez up), he would have easily made the play.

Ramirez bloops a single in front of Beltran

2) In the second inning, Angel Pagan blooped one into left that Endy couldn't reach.

a ball Endy couldn't catch

3) With two on, Jason Marquis hit a weak ground ball that Easley couldn't get to turning it into a 2-run single.

4) Cesar Izturis hit a pop up to right but Green and Easley didn't communicate, they almost collided, Green slid and the ball bounced off Easley's glove bringing home the Cubs fourth run.

The Mets started their comeback with a 2-run homer by the suddenly scorching David Wright.

Then in the 6th inning Delgado and Wright singled and Lou gave Jason Marquis the quick hook. Marquis was 5-1 with a 1.70 ERA and he'd only thrown 88 pitches. And the Cubs bullpen stinks. Lefty Will Ohman blew away Shawn Green but Piniella went to the pen again and LoDuca doubled off Rocky Cherry. Easley's sac fly tied the game. This was a huge at bat because the Mets have failed so many times with runners on third and fewer than two outs, and that probably would have been the ball game.

the victim of a quick hook and a bad bullpen

Marquis who is also an excellent hitter, had two hits in the game.

The Joe Smith and Pedro Feliciano of old came out to pitch 2 and 2/3 shutout innings but when Feliciano allowed a 2 out double in the 9th Aaron Heilman came in to get the last out and vulture another victory, his fourth of the year, tying him with Perez and Glavine.

Jose Reyes really was responsible for the 9th inning. With two outs he singled and stole second. By that point it was 2-0 on Chavez, who walked. Then after Wuertz couldn't get it over against Beltran they decided to go after Delgado. Delgado wasted a bunch of good pitches and on the 11th pitch of the at bat he got his walk off walk.

The Mets now have two walkoff wins this year, neither time did they hit the ball as far as the infield dirt.

Tom Glavine is stuck on win #295. I didn't get a good look at what kind of haircut he got but it didn't look as short as the rest of the guys.

Erin Andrews was wearing a trench coat. Awesome! She reported that Jose Reyes only gets his hair cut once a year, and that when he got snipped his hat size went down two sizes. I assume each 1/8 in the measurement is considered one size.

I wish it had been a walk off walk off Walk

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