Monday, May 07, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Giants 9 Mets 4

I don't want to revisit old wounds but Zito's curveball completely fooled Mets hitters.

It was a great pitching matchup for the first half of the game. Two lefthanded pitchers with contrasting styles. Hard fastballs and sliders from Perez, changes and curves from Zito.

Omar Vizquel is almost as old as Julio Franco but he made a couple of great plays in the first inning on two loopers.

Fun battle between Bonds and Perez in the 4th inning with a man on. Maybe I thought it was fun because Perez struck him out looking on a pitch on the inside corner on a 2-2 count. Bonds has also swung and missed on a pitched outside the strike zone in that at bat.

The fifth inning was an unmitigated disaster. It started with a home run that should have been a double. It bounced on the top of the wal and came back into play, without being touched by a fan.

Those runs may have scored anyway because at best it would have been second and third with no one out. The next two batters hit flyballs.

The problems came with two outs and no one on and the score 2-1. Perez who should have settled down after that gave up a single to Zito. Then a ground ball which Easley booted, and Zito had stopped running to second. After that Green dropped a flyball he absolutely should have caught. Just a horrible play. I don't think he lost it in the lights. He just had his glove in the wrong spot.

That's when Perez lost it. He gave up a 3 run homer to Aurilia, then walked Bonds. They finally took him out after Durham singled. Then Urdaneta came in and behaved just like his predecessor Ambiorix Burgos. Bengie Molina hit his second homer...of the inning. And that was the end of that ballgame.

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