Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Marlins 9 Mets 6

Hopefully this debacle will end the Chan Ho Park experiment. This is the same thing the Mets tried with Lima and Gonzalez last year and it just didn't work.

Jorge Sosa is the next option, then maybe Sele. This also means that Pelfrey will get a little more slack in trying to straighten himself out.

Although Park sucked he did get a little unlucky. Easley easily could have caught the line drive that scored the first 2 in the 5 run 3rd. But luck is the residue of design and when you give up a single to the pitcher, then walk the next two batters on 8 pitches, you design to give up runs. And that's what happened. And even if Easley hadn't caught the ball hit by Cabrera, Beltran should have called off Reyes and caught Jacobs' blooper.

Shows that sometimes the line between success and failure can be very thin. But after that rough inning Park got bit by the gopher ball which has always been his problem. The Mets should ship him back to New Orleans on the first plane.

As far as the offense goes it was the same old story. Beltran and Reyes were awesome again and Delgado and Wright sucked. In the first and third the duo came up with two men on and one out and both times couldn't get a run home. Wright had another chance in the 7th, with two on and he struck out.

Wright is batting .300 with the bases empty and .200 with runners on and .167 with runners in scoring position. But he's 6 for 13 in close and late.

Delgado is batting .111 with the bases empty so his numbers with men on are at least passable. But he's 0-3 with men on third and fewer than 2 outs, with only 1 RBI. Wright has had 4 chances and struck out twice, but has 3 RBI in those situations.

I could give a 1000 statistics about those two but I don't need to. With the current rash of injuries (Valentin, El Duque, maybe Alou) the Mets are going to need production from those two. But I don't think moving Wright in the lineup is the answer.

As far as attending the game, I am now 0-2 this season, a hard fall after a 3-1 postseason but the playoffs are all that matters right? In both games the Mets trailed 7-0 at one point. My next game is May 18th vs. the Yankees.

Parking wasn't so bad, I slid into my normal spot under the overpass at about 5:30. But because the parking lot is partitioned by CitiField walking isn't a point a to point b affair.

Professor Reyes taught us how to say "I am thirsty. I need a soda." "Tengo sed. Necesito una fresca." Watching him do these Professor Reyes gimmicks is almost as fun as watching him play. He truly is a joy to watch. And he didn't even hit a triple, only a double.

Our seats for this year are down the rightfield line, in the loge reserved. We have a great view of Shawn Green's taking a dump approach to fly balls, but not of much else.

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