Sunday, April 22, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Braves 9 Mets 6

The Mets are 11-6 so I don't want to sound like I'm panicking but the Mets have issues.

This bullpen is not good. Schoeneweis hasn't impressed me and Heilman sucks. I don't know how it happened that he was thought to be a great setup man. I have no confidence in him at all. And I also think Willie doesn't use his relievers properly. That said I don't think he wanted to go to Joe Smith again, because he has been overused. And he thought Schoeneweis could get Renteria.

But that inning never should have happened because Green dropped a fly ball he should have had.

Delgado and Wright are awful. I have no idea how Delgado hit 38 homers last year but he is doing nothing so far. Wright hit in a bunch of games in a row but he isn't being vrey productive. These two guys are really hurting the middle of the order.

But my biggest concern is the Braves. The two years the Mets advanced (2000 & 2006), the Braves were out of the way. The Mets don't seem to be able to beat them head to head. The Braves are much improved this year and if the Mets have to battle them head to head in September, then I fear the best we can hope for is the wild card.

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