Saturday, April 28, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 6 Nationals 2

This is the problem with writing these recaps during the games...even in the 9th inning. This reads chronologically, not in order of importance.

After a week of pounding the ball the Mets have now gone three straight games without hitting the ball. I'm not counting the 5 runs they got against the Rockies when the score was 11-0.

I know the Nationals first run was bullshit, but the Mets got a gift to tie the game right back.

Willie made a key tactical error in the 8th when Reyes walked to lead off the inning. He has to let Reyes steal, then bunt LoDuca. Even though Beltran has sucked with men on third and fewer than two outs.

Delgado and Wright are killing this team. They may have to move up Alou to split them up, because they are just murdering every rally right now.

Julio Franco came up huge here. But I fear that means we're going to see him make out ten times between every big hit. Darling made a good point that Endy would have been out had the catcher been in position. He stepped in front of the plate to field the ball. But the ball travels faster, he should have been waiting, he took too much time turning around to apply the tag.

First time the Mets touched up Chad Cordero for a blown save.

Finally some key hitting to win the game. A

And David Wright got a couple RBI! I hope this breaks him out of his slump.

This was a big win for the circumstances, the Mets couldn't afford to lose three in a row to Colorado and Washington and they still have a chance to take 2 out of 3 from Washington.

One more thing. I really want Glavine to get his 300th win already so we don't have to hear about it 20 times a game.

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