Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 2 Rockies 1

Happiest recap of the season so far. This was a great win.

I'll get to Endy in a minute but a couple things first.

El Duque pitched great. Really, really well.

This game wouldn't have been so excited if the Mets hadn't failed AGAIN with a man on third and fewer than 2 outs. Valentin led off the third with a triple and El Duque and Reyes both struck out. Inexcusable that this has happened so many times already this season.

The bullpen pitched well, Heilman and Schoeneweis and our new star, Joe Smith. Billy Wagner cannot pitch two innings. And he can't pitch in tie games.

Endy owes a debt of gratitude to Damion Easley. Endy will get lionized but you can't have one with out the other. Easley now has twice as many homers this season as Delgado and Wright combined.

Now on to Endy. I've always attempted to temper the enthusiasm surrounding a fourth outfielder, but I must say that was a really incredible play. The catch in the NLCS was great but this was a different kind of great. While Carlos Delgado slugs away when teams dare him to take a single, Endy studied the defense and won a game with his brains and his bunt.

Great teams find ways to manufacture runs. A walk, a bunt, a balk and a bunt is about as manufactured as you can get in the bottom of the 12th inning.

Endy is my hero

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