Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 1 Nationals 0

There are few things I enjoy more than a 1-0 Mets victory on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

John Maine was spectacular. He started to fatigue in the 7th inning. Maine has given up only 5 runs all season. Two came early in the game against the Phillies, in which the Mets had the huge inning to win the game late. But in his other starts he gave up 1 run in the 6th against the Rockies, and 2 in the 7th against the Marlins, a game the Mets were winning 8-0 at the time. The point is, basically he has been unhittable through 5 innings. Even the bad game against the Phillies he was done in by walks, not hits. If he can give the Mets 7 innings and 2 runs on a consistent basis he is going to have a fantastic year.

Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes are carrying the offense. Wright and Delgado are awful, Beltran and Reyes are great.

So far this Reyes has 16 walks and 16 stolen bases. That puts him on pace for 100 of each. I'd take 75 of each and be very happy.

Aaron Heilman is a ticking time bomb. If he his given the 8th inning of one-run games all year he's going to have 8 - 10 losses. The Mets need to replace him with Sanchez or Mota when they come back. Or give Joe Smith the job.

Billy Wagner got a relatively agita free save.

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