Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 9 Diamondbacks 4

It took the Mets 8 innings to remember they were in Arizona but when they did it resulted in a great comeback.

Aided by an error, a questionable call on a borderline 2-2 pitch to LoDuca and the subsequent breakdown it induced in Jose Valverde, the Mets overcame a 4-3 deficit with 6 runs in the 9th.

Prior to the season some were concerned about whether The Moustache could repeat his performance from last season. Now that he's injured, maybe Easley can. He has 3 homers in 29 at bats, one in the tenth inning to tie a game, and this one to take the lead in a game they were losing. That's huge production in close and late situations.

And it's only been two games, and I'm still against the move but David Wright now has 2 home runs in the 2 hole and none batting anywhere else. I don't think I'll ever be convinced that the team is better off with Wright batting second because I never suggested his performance wouldn't be stellar from there. My contention was that the rest of the lineup would be weakened. Time will tell.

Glavine pitched well enough to win his 294th career game but every time the Mets scored he gave the runs right back. So he'll have to wait for another day.

Aaron Heilman earned the win with his first good inning in a while. As soon as Gary Cohen said Billy Wagner was suddenly getting a lot of save opportunities, David Wright ended that chance.

The Mets have now won 11 in a row in Arizona's Chase Field (formerly Bank One Ballpark). Over that time they've outscored Arizona by a score of 93-24, translating to an average score of 8-2. Or 8.45-2.18 to appease TallSkott.

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