Saturday, May 12, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Brewers 12 Mets 3

This game was actually closer than the final score indicates and the Mets had a good chance to win.

But instead Mike Pelfrey fell to 0-5 and he may get one more start, he might as well, but he has to be sent down when El Duque returns.

Pelfrey is just too hittable, and walks too many guys. 11 base runners in 5 innings today. Trailing 2-0 in the fourth Pelfrey loaded the bases with one out. Then a very strange play happened. Fielder hit a pop up to short right, which Gotay caught easily, infield fly rule was on. Remember that clause in the infield fly rule that states runners can advance at their own risk? Counsell took advantage of that Gotay was so shocked he uncorked a horrible throw home. Then JJ Hardy took off for second and LoDuca fired to Reyes. The Mets took too long to get Hardy in the rundown and Tony Gwynn Jr. scored. Two runs on a popup to the second baseman.

But the Mets weren't dead. They scored 3 in the fifth to cut the lead to one, the last two came on a David Newhan homer.

David Wright led off the 6th with a walk but Beltran and Delgado both struck out and Moises Alou looked like he wished he had the day off. Alou has been struggling with an injured knee. In this at bat he shook his hand as if he'd hurt his thumb, then limped down to first on his groundout and Chavez replaced him. He's too old to play day games after night games.

Pedro Feliciano got Aaron Sele out of a jam in the 7th inning but it all came crashing down in the 8th. You knew Feliciano and Smith couldn't go the whole season without giving up any runs so I guess it's better that this happened in a game the Mets were losing, not one they were leading.

Graffanino singled, then Counsell got hit by a pitch trying to bunt. Smith came in and hit Gross to load the bases. After a single, JJ Hardy hit a grand slam to break the game open 9-3. Brewers added 3 more in the 9th off Schoeneweis.

The Brewers had the leadoff man on in 8 of the 9 innings. It's amazing they hadn't blown the game open earlier.

Hardy leads the NL in homers and RBI.

Rubber game tomorrow, Capuano vs. Perez.

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