Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 5 Giants 3

John Maine was not sharp to start this game. He walked the first two batters but LoDuca threw them both out trying to steal.

Ruben Gotay gave the Mets the lead in the third with a home run to right. It was his fourth hit in four career at bats against Matt Morris.

Splash! Delgado crushed one into McCovey Cove in right field. Some kayaker rushed to it. His third into the water. I guess he didn't like being tied with Gotay in home runs. The pitch was a big hanging curveball. Delgado's swing was a tremendous uppercut. 9 times out of 10, a curve like that is a little more outside (this one was right down the middle) and Delgado would have popped it up.

After Delgado's homer, Alou blooped a single to center. Then with a 2-2 count Alou was running for some reason. The catcher, Alfonso, in his haste to throw out Alou reached out too early and Green hit his glove with the bat. That's a catcher's interference. Green got first, Alou got second and Alfonso got a sore hand, but he didn't appear to really be hurt, Green probably just got the tip of the glove. The catcher is charged with an error on the play but unlike most errors, Green was not charged a turn at bat. But it was all moot because LoDuca grounded into a double play to end the inning.

After Ryan Klesko doubled to second in the 4th with one out, the Mets elected to intentionally walk Bonds to face Ray Durham. The walk didn't hurt the Mets but Klesko came around to score on a wild pitch by Maine.

I hope CitiField has a cool scoreboard like the Giants Stadium (I have no idea what it's called now). Color graphics, tons of stats. Really gives you a lot of information as opposed to what is at Shea. Although the past couple years the Mets finally went away from the stupid stats they used to have. Shawn Green leads all Jewish players with a .324 batting average on Shabbos (or some nonsense like that).

Once again Willie brought in Franco as a pinch hitter against a rightie instead of using one of his lefties like Chavez or Newhan. Franco reached on an infield single, a line drive that almost killed Matt Morris.

This is officially John Maine's worst start of the year. Three runs (a home run to Dave Roberts) and five walks. He had no control at all, he was behind almost every hitter.

On the other hand, Matt Morris was throwing nothing but curveballs even behind in the count. And dropping them in for strikes. In the 7th with two on he went to a 3-0 count on Reyes, then on 3-1 he dropped in a beautiful curve for a strike. Then with the count full he threw two more. Reyes fouled off the first and popped out the second.

Great baserunning by Beltran tied the game and kept Maine's record perfect. Basically he scored from first on a single, thanks to a number of factors. First he was running with the pitch. Second the Giants were employing a shift for Delgado which put the centerfielder Roberts way over to right and very deep. Third the ball was hit very slowly. Fourth Roberts has a very weak arm.

A classic Armando Benitez meltdown. We've seen it so many times from the other side. LoDuca led off with a single, but Gotay fucked up the sacrifice. Benitez walked Chavez which was the start of the problem. Then a little bit of bad luck for Armando. Reyes hit a bloop which fell in between the second baseman and right fielder. Benitez was clearly rattled after that and started Wright with a 3-0 count. On 3-1 Wright ripped one to left. It scored two but it was hit so hard that even Reyes couldn't score.

Billy Wagner gets another 1-2-3 save and the Mets take 2 of 3 in San Francisco and go 5-2 on the short West Coast road trip.

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