Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 10 Yankees 7

Mets win the first half of the Subway Series.

David Wright finally regained his power stroke, hitting home runs in his first two at bats, then getting intentionally walked in his next three at bats. The second one, in the third inning bounced of Johnny Damon's glove and went over the fence.

But this game was decided when Endy Chavez lined one off the hand of Yankees starting pitcher Darrell Rasner. Rasner had to leave the game and broke his pinky and will miss 2 - 3 months. This was the second time this season the Yankees pitcher got hit with a batted ball and broke something. After that the Yankees had to go to a depleted bullpen and Mike Myers and Luis Vizcaino allowed 8 runs (including the 2 inherited runners left by Rasner).

Glavine pitched badly in the first inning, then gave up his customary run after the Mets scored 3 in the first. But that was all until in the 7th inning when he left with a man on, and Schoeneweis allowed that runner to score. But Glavine pitched well enough to earn win #295.

Schoeneweis then gave up two homers and a walk in the 8th. He sucks. That made the game 8-6.

The Mets got two more back in the 8th inning thanks to the third error of the game by Robinson Cano.

Then in the 9th Billy Wagner came in with a four run lead so it wasn't a save situation. After giving up two hits with one out he did the stupidest thing I've ever seen any player do. Abreu hit a comebacker, but Wagner didn't field it cleanly, but picked it up and fired home anyway. A-Rod was not forced, so he scored easily, even if the throw hadn't been horrible and gotten away from LoDuca. Instead of 2 outs and a man on second, it was first and third with one out. Luckily, Wagner bounced back and struck out two in a row to end the game. But he's still the stupidest mother fucker ever to play Major League Baseball.

The weather was awful, cold and rainy and the game last forever; 3:36 an hour and 15 minutes longer than Friday's game. There was a large crowd but through two games this year I didn't see as many Yankee fans as there have been in the past. And those that were there weren't as loud and obnoxious as they usually are. Although when they hit the homers of Schoeneweis the Yankee fans finally got into it a little bit.

It was another great episode of "Learn Spanish with Professor Reyes." The phrase was "I am not a sailor I am a captain" which you may recognize from "La Bamba." "Yo no soy marinero, soy capitan." The first person said it horribly, then Reyes sang "soy capitan, soy capitan." After that one guy seriously sang the song in a way over the top fashion and Reyes was just laughing. Then Carlos Beltran said it and Reyes said "I taught him everything he knows."

Kiss-cam was a debacle as a lot of fans evidently were at the first Met game in years. They didn't kiss on time and the camera kept moving. One guy (probably a Yankees fan) grabbed his girlfriend's face as she leaned it to kiss him.

A fat guy in a Reyes shirt was vomiting into a paper bag.

Bathroom and concession lines were incredibly long.

After the game we were waiting by the fan assistance booth and some guy was complaining that his seat was broken (mine was too). I guess he started yelling at the guy because a security supervisor came over. The guy said "I'm a season ticket holder." Then he told the security supervisor "fuck him and fuck you." The supervisor went nuts. Screaming at him, calling for backup. About five guys came over, pulled the drunk guy away and the supervisor is screaming at him the whole time about how he is going to have his tickets taken away.

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