Sunday, June 03, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Diamondbacks 4 Mets 1

In each of his last two starts Oliver Perez allowed 3 runs in 7 innings, which is a quality start, and definitely good enough to keep any team in the game, especially the Mets. But this time, with the Mets offense so short handed, his outing seemed a lot worse.

He started it off with four hitless innings, but it all went downhill in the fifth. He walked the leadoff batter, which is always his death knell, and he's been able to avoid it lately. Then a single, a double and a brilliant double play by Reyes turned into 2 runs. He gave up another run in the 6th after another leadoff walk. He did stick around for the 7th though, throwing 103 pitches.

In the first inning, Reyes singled and then Chavez bunted. This is a horrible play for so many reasons. First of all, outs are a very precious commodity, the gain of a sacrifice bunt is rarely worth giving up an out, other than in certain situations late in close games. Second, you still need a hit to get the man home, and only have two chances. Third, you limit your chances for a big inning, and you're probably not going to win 1-0. Fourth, Reyes should just steal second. After Chavez's bunt, Wright grounded out and Delgado struck out.

It would be a rough day for Delgado who has been hot, but his batting average is still only .225. He did drive in the Mets only run with ground out in the 6th, but a hit there would have given them a chance to get back into the game.

In the 8th, with Reyes and Wright on 1st and 3rd and only one out, Delgado struck out again. Then Easley grounded out to end the inning and that was that.

This was the first series the Mets lost to a non-division opponent.

The Mets had gone 12 games without an error until Reyes made on in the 8th. It was only his third of the year, fewest among full time shortstops.

Doug Davis threw a lot of curveballs. He said his scouting report showed that the Mets over the past couple of years bat under .200 against curveballs.

This will be the last we see of Alberto Callaspo this year.

Ben in the 6th Johnson in Mets history. Howard is the obvious one, I think most of us remember Lance, and I think if you go back about 5-6 years you'll remember a scrub they had named Mark. The other two were both named Bob. One Bob pitched two games for the Mets in 1969 (I wonder if he got a World Series ring) and the other played part of the 1967 season with the team.

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Anonymous The Concierge said...

Oliver Perez looked like Doc Gooden through 3 and Armando Benitez thereafter. How does someone go from so good to so bad in one inning? The fact that he only gave up 3 runs is all lucky plays- 2 great double plays by wright and reyes, a ground rule double, nice plays by endy in outfield and bad swings- he barely through a strike after the 3rd with the exception of one hitter in the 7th.

Monday, June 04, 2007 3:09:00 PM  

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