Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Unhappy Recap: Phillies 3 Mets 2

What a way to lose a game. The Mets had this game tied but Marlon Anderson tried too hard and pushed with his hands, and it was the right call.

This team is melting down right now.

For the fourth straight game the offense only could produce 2 runs.

Delgado actually had two hits but he struck out in the 9th inning.

Reyes reached base two times, and was picked off both times.

David Wright stayed hot blasting a home run in the 1st.

Oliver Perez was spotty, walking 5 and giving up 2 home runs but he did strike out 10 in 6 innings. In the 5th he loaded the bases with none out and Burrell up. Burrell who hit his 39th career homer against the Mets in the 1st, hit a near grand slam, but it went foul. Then he hit a sac fly to give the Phillies the winning margin but Perez got out of the inning with no further damage.

This is what happens to bad teams. They find ways to lose, usually in spectacular fashion. And right now they Mets are a bad team, a very bad team, and at the worst possible time.

Just to be clear, horrible play by Anderson. The Phillies had no chance to double up Green. He should have slid hard and would have been just as effective, the fact that he put his hands on the caused the interference call.

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