Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Recap: Mets 7 Marlins 2

Oliver Perez stepping up when the Mets really needed him. He pitched a great game, and most importantly, he went 8 innings giving the bullpen some much needed rest. He had zero walks and threw only 102 pitches in 8 innings of work. Perez allowed only one earned run (he now has 20 unearned runs allowed this year, more than even Scott Olsen who allowed 8 on Friday night), but this time it wasn't a matter of him losing focus after an error in the field behind him. An absolutely perfect performance from Perez, and with one start left in the season you have to say that at 15-9 with a 3.32 ERA he had a really good year.

Another player having a really great year is Ramon Castro, he slugged another 3 run homer to give the Mets a 5-0 lead and some breathing room. He now has 10 homers and 30 RBI in only 135 at bats. I really wonder how this season would have turned out if Castro had been available to play while LoDuca was injured. I'm pretty certain the Mets are not bringing back LoDuca next year and I really hope they give Castro the chance to be the everyday catcher. I'm not saying he would hit 30 and 90 if he had 400 at bats but I think he could come close to what Bengie Molina is doing for the Giants, (.280, 19, 81) putting up excellent numbers for a catcher and number 7 hitter.

Willie Randolph used Endy Chavez for late inning defense in this game but brought him in to play center field for Beltran instead of left for Alou. As a result Alou got an extra at bat and singled to keep his hitting streak going. He did however make the error that allowed the second run to score, but it didn't matter, so I guess Willie made the right move there giving Alou the extra at bat.

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