Saturday, April 12, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Brewers 5 Mets 3

The big question when the Mets got Santana was were they getting the Santana from 2004 to 2006 or the beatable Santana who went only 15-13 last year and allowed 33 homers. You can't make a judgment based on only 3 games but he is 1-2 so far and allowed 3 homers in this game, in Shea Stadium, one of the best pitchers parks in the NL.

Last year with the Twins Santana was consistent, allowing more than 4 earned runs only twice, but he allowed 3 or 4 runs 13 times. If he does that for the Mets he is going to lose a lot of games. As good as we think the offense is, it really isn't. This team does not score a lot of runs, and Santana is going to lose a lot of games like his last start (1-0 when he left) and almost every game like this time (5 runs allowed).

David Wright is becoming a butcher at third base. I have no idea how he won the Gold Glove last year (name recognition?) but his throwing is becoming a major problem. He had 2 errors in this game and 2 more bad throws that Delgado prevented from being errors. Plus he is having trouble on bunts. He and Schneider screwed one up the other day and him and Santana (mostly Santana) screwed up one up in this game that allowed Hart to score the first run. Wright should have back pedaled when Santana fielded it, and called for him to look Hart back to the bag.

If Reyes is out any length of time it should be Castillo first and Pagan second.

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Blogger Scott Isaacs said...

Not that this excuses Santana's long balls, but when you visit Shea for the first time this year, you will notice that the wind is non-existent (you used to get a strong breeze IN from the bay). Citi Field is totally blocking those gusts from coming in, allowing balls to carry much farther.

I suspect by the end of the year, Shea will have been proven to be a "hitter's park."

Saturday, April 12, 2008 9:11:00 PM  

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