Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 10 Reds 8

I normally don't believe in momentum in sports because the idea that things will keep going one way, simply because they've been going that way, don't really apply, especially from game to game.

But I do believe in confidence, and early this season the Mets seemed like they were defeated any time they fell behind. Now it seems like they know they are going to win.

Obviously this was a great comeback started by Argenis Reyes, continued by David Wright, huge home run, pushed over the top by Carlos Delgado and punctuated by Fernando Tatis.

If it were not for Heilman and Schoeneweis blowing the lead, I'd be talking about another huge home run by Fernando Tatis that gave the Mets the late lead.

Delgado also had a big home run to give the Mets the early lead, something that has been key to the recent winning streak.

But then Johan Santana went out and blew it by allowing 5 in the 4th. I'm going to panic about Santana because he deserved to get bailed out, but it seems to continue his trend of pitching just well enough to lose.

And I'm not going to panic about Aaron Heilman either. I knew the bullpen had to allow a run eventually.

This was a huge win for the Mets and I can't wait to see how long this winning streak continues.

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