Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 5 Giants 0

A 5-game winning streak. 2 straight shutouts. And finally a win for Johan Santana.

He only went 5 innings but that was enough to get him off the schneid and enough for him to show off some really good stuff.

For some reason Manuel elected not to bring him back after the rain delay.

And speaking of the rain, why were the announcers freaking out about the rain delay and if it would be an official game or not. It was never predicted to be a massive storm, they knew the game would be completed. Yet for some reason the announcers acted as if Randy Winn killed the President when he swung at the first pitch. Maybe he thought Santana would throw a fat pitch and if he hit it he could get his team back in the game for after the rain delay.

And of course I thrilled to be able to write that the great Ramon Castro came through with a big 3-run homer to give the Mets an early lead. I love Castro and whenever he plays he seems to contribute to a victory. I love the fact that Jerry Manuel is getting him into more games.

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