Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 7 Cardinals 4

A good bounceback performance with the offense working. But good hitting has to come more than 50% of the time.

I hope Jerry Manuel will see that Ramon Castro needs to play more often. He doesn't stay healthy enough to play everyday but for right now I see no reason why he doesn't start against every lefty and even some righties. I know he hit into a key double play against the Yankees but he also had a home run against them, and now two key hits in this game.

Also a big night for David Wright who appears to be breaking out of that little slump he was in.

And a good night for Ryan Church as well. Nice to see him back in the lineup and hitting well again. The Mets really missed his bat while he was injured.

Not a great performance from Tony Armas but certainly passable. Right now the Mets don't need another starter but Pedro will probably end up back on the DL at some point and Armas at least earned himself another chance. Or maybe a role in the bullpen as a setup man.

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