Sunday, June 29, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Yankees 3 Mets 2

Another disappointing loss for Santana.

I know it is not all his fault because the team never scores any runs for him, but they really need him to be better. He always pitches just well enough to lose.

It's not the hitters' fault that he walked the first two guys in the 4th inning. I know you can't expect the guy to be perfect but he is not blameless in his recent losing streak. He is 0-4 over a 5 start span, despite having a 2.53 ERA during that stretch. But the grand slam to Felix Hernandez isn't counted there, but it was certainly Santana's fault.

That said, the Mets offense is putrid at times, especially for Santana. They scored 27 runs in the last 6 games (4.5 per game) but 23 of those were in 2 games.

They can't get the big hit to drive runners home, or even the out to get them over.

What was Reyes doing getting picked off second base? An idiotic play to be sure, but it did not cost the Mets the game as some have said. Wright still would have needed a hit in that situation.

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