Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Angels 6 Mets 1

The Jerry Manuel era looks a lot like the Willie Randolph era so far.

Bad hitting, bad starting pitching, and a new wrinkle, horrible defense. The bullpen actually wasn't all that bad though. Heilman pitched a good inning and Vargas only allowed one unearned, which could have been a lot worse.

This was probably Santana's worst start as a Met and it was disappointing for several reasons. First, they needed a win to get this manager change behind them. Second, they got a run in the first which is always key, but Santana allowed 3 in the bottom of the inning and that was that. Lastly, the runs scored with 2 outs, meaning he was one good pitch away from getting out of trouble.

But the biggest thing that happened was the injury to Jose Reyes and his subsequent temper tantrum. Why did Manuel take him out of the game if he said he wasn't hurt? Was he trying to flex his muscle and show Reyes who's the boss now? Reyes was 100% right to be pissed off about it. It was a stupid thing to do. I would have preferred he showed the new manager a little more respect (because of the way it's going to be perceived by outsiders), but he was absolutely justified in being angry about it.

Reyes is furious that Manuel yanks him from the game

Two interesting plays in the bottom of the 8th. With runners on first and second, Tatis fielded a groundball and elected not to tag the runner who was right in front of him. Instead he threw the ball to second, low, and Castillo dropped it and nearly broke his wrist. The next play, Easley was interfered with while trying to field a ball, and Matthews was called out.

I thought SNY did a good job of talking about the firing without killing the Mets. They didn't gloss over the poor timing of it, but they didn't hammer away on it. They explained some key differences between what we can expect from Manuel compared to Randolph.

Ron also did a job explaining differences in philosophy between Warthen and Peterson.

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