Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Diamondbacks 9 Mets 5

The Mets had been finding new ways to lose, but this time they went back to the same old way. A starter who can't go deep, a horrible bullpen and an offense that can't score run when it needs to.

I understand it was hot but John Maine has to go more than 5 innings.

There's nothing to say about the bullpen. Every guy sucked. Nothing Willie Randolph can do when every guy he brings in gives up runs.

The best thing the Mets bullpen did all night was when Schoeneweis and Wagner helped the grounds crew hold down the tarp.

And the offense pounded 5 runs in 2 innings then completely went in the tank.

I will say Moises Alou helps the offense a lot, but they need Church back too. And they need Wright and Beltran to get hot as well.

The scene before the rain delay was crazy. Shit was blowing all over the field, and I'm not talking about the Mets players.

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