Monday, June 09, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Padres 8 Mets 6

Another disastrous loss for the Mets. They are fading fast and in big trouble.

There is never a good time to blow a save but it sure seems like Billy Wagner always picks the worst times to do it. He's been excellent so far this year, yet he still has 3 blown saves.

I don't blame Willie for going to Wagner early, he needed to manage this game desperately, and he felt if he could get out of the 8th, Wagner would be ok for the 9th. But he wasn't.

I think the Mets lost this game when Pedro gave back the 3-run lead in the first inning. Right now I think this team is very weak mentally and when Pedro blew that lead I think they thought "here we go again."

Two Mets did play a great game, first Endy Chavez who should be playing everyday and batting second. He has a great arm and a great head for the game. That drag bunt was perfect. He's the only guy on the team who makes those little plays that win games.

And Carlos Delgado got 3 hits for the second straight day.

Carlos Beltran looked like he wanted no part of Hoffman in the 9th inning.

7 1/2 games behind the red hot Phillies with games against the Diamondbacks, Rangers and Angels coming up. Things are not looking very good right now.

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