Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 6 Dodgers 1

This one went down just the way they drew it up when the assembled this team.

Johan Santana dominated (ok, maybe not quite dominated, but he went deep and allowed only one run). Reyes got on base and started rallies. Wright got a big 2-out hit. Beltran blasted another one.

I was very happy with Santana. I still think he's not quite what he was, but he's still an excellent pitcher and believe it or not he's on track to win between 18 and 21 games. If he keeps pitching consistently well, and the offense comes around he could get there. Remember he's gotten wins in only 58% of his starts and in two of his non-wins he allowed only one run.

Santana wins his 7th

Beltran blasted his home run right when Jon Miller was talking about his diminshed power numbers. As soon as Joe Morgan said "but he can get hot" Beltran cranked one.

Beltran blasts another

But the key to that whole inning, and the whole win was David Wright's 2-out single. Without that the Mets don't get any of those 5 runs, and who knows what happens after that if the game is still 1-1. That's the biggest difference between the Mets of the past week, 2 out hits, especially with men on base. I have no idea what suddenly changed, but something did, and maybe it will change back, but for now it's why the Mets are winning.

Glad to see Ryan Church back and right into home run form. I hope Willie gives him the night off to clear his head after a cross-country flight. But Willie may want to rest him on Tuesday against Zito instead.

Ryan Church comes back with a home run

Scott Schoeneweis has really been awesome this season.

The series drew 208,853, a Mets record for a four-game series.

Jose Reyes has a 17-game hitting streak and a 32-game on base streak.
There has been a lot of talk that Reyes is not the player he was in 2006, but I disagree.
2006: .300 BA .354 OBP .487 SLUG .841 OPS
2008: .284 BA .347 OBP .480 SLUG .827 OPS

Those numbers are essentially the same. And his counting stats are roughly the same (pro-rated of course) as well, except for runs scored, proving that maybe the team isn't quite what it used to be.

Note: I understand that I am making this comparison at a high point for 2008 Reyes while 2006 Reyes incorporates highs and lows. I'm just illustrating that the Reyes lost a step talk is probably not accurate in reality, even if it exists in our perceptions.

Big Brown's jockey Kent Desormeaux threw out the first pitch.

Kent Desormeaux looks taller on the mound

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