Friday, May 23, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Rockies 6 Mets 5

This is what happens with bad teams on losing streaks, they keep fight new more heartbreaking ways to lose.

You can't really fault Billy Wagner because he's been so good so far this season but it is his pattern to pick the worst possible time to blow a save.

But you can fault Oliver Perez. 8 walks and 6 hits in 5 innings. That's just awful. It's amazing he even had a chance to win that game. But once again his short outing forced Willie to use Aaron Heilman who of course lost the game.

What's amazing to me is that the Mets are losing while Jose Reyes is actually pretty hot. He's been on base 23 games in a row and over an 8-game hitting streak he's batting .343. But for the second time in this recent slump his overaggressive baserunning cost the Mets. He made a great hustle play to turn a single into a double and get himself into scoring position with no outs. But then he got picked off. And for no reason. He's not going to steal there, Castillo is going to bunt him over. Just a terrible, horrible, no good play.

You can't blame Carlos Delgado in this one because he came through with a big home run. It was only the 6th inning but it was starting to get late and the Mets absolutely needed a home run there and he came through.

But you can certainly blame Carlos Beltran and David Wright. Neither one of them is doing anything right now, especially not with men on base. I do have confidence that they will each come around. However, with 4 homers through 46 games, Beltran would have to get blisteringly hot to get to 30 homers again. I hope he doesn't have another season like 2005, 16 homers and a .744 OPS.

With Marlon Anderson out the Mets are now down 4 outfielders (Alou, Church and Pagan). I'd like to see Endy play every day in right until Church is ready then move to left while Alou's out. He should bat second and give this team some life at the top of the order.

The Mets are now counting on Claudio Vargas on 3 days rest to end this losing streak. How confident does that make you feel?

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Anonymous Rick Henderson said...

Rickey taught Jose that move

Saturday, May 24, 2008 9:03:00 AM  

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