Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 7 Yankees 4

This was a huge win psychologically for the Mets.

And the way it happened, with Billy Wagner getting a four out save, after the recent controversy, that was good for morale.

The Mets did get very lucky in this one because Andy Pettitte let them off the hook in the fourth inning. After Delgado popped up and Easley struck out with the bases loaded the Mets were able to take the lead on a walk, and a 30 foot hit by Luis Castillo.

I love Johan Santana and he is now 5-2 with a 3.30 ERA but so far he has been good, and the Mets need him to be great. I'm very glad he took the game into the 8th inning, spared all the crappy middle relievers and got the win. But he gave up 3 more home runs, 11 on the year.

Carlos Delgado sucks. He had the 2 for 5 day in baseball history. He left 7 men on base in his first 3 e bats.

The Reyes and Wright home runs were very encouraging. Reyes is the key to this whole team. They need him to get going. I don't think its going to take a smile to fix what's wrong with Reyes. I think his problem is that his timing is off. When he takes a pitch it's a strike, when he swings it's in the dirt.

Damon was definitely out on that play at the plate. It was a great throw by Church but even a better block of home plate by Schneider.

And Jeter was definitely out at second base on that weird play. The umpire never should have called him safe because he never touched the base. And I can't believe Jeter didn't even try to get to the bag.

Oliver Perez pitched great against the Yankees last year, it would be huge if he could do it again.

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