Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Recap: Mets 12 Dodgers 1

I guess it was an unfortunate piece of timing that the Mets got their best pitched game of the year on the same day their offense finally erupted.

It must be something about Wednesday getaway games. The three times the Mets ended a series on a Wednesday they won 13-0 (third game of the year, against the Marlins), lost 13-1 (last week against the Pirates) and won 12-1.

I wish John Maine would have completed the game. It might be the only chance we get all season for a complete game. I understand why Willie took him out there, but I would have given him a little more rope.

After two horrible performances with men in scoring position it seemed like everyone was contributing. Even Maine and Castillo got run scoring hits. Neither of them pretty, but they were both effective.

Ryan Church is awesome. I still think he should be batting second but I understand why with Alou and Delgado out of the lineup, Willie moved him down.

Awesome catch by Angel Pagan.

But not as good as the catch by the guy holding the baby.

The Mets play their next 7 games against very weak teams, the Reds and the Nationals and they will miss superstar Edinson Volquez. They need to take 5 of 7.

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