Monday, May 05, 2008

Unhappy Recap: Dodgers 5 Mets 1

It's always something with Oliver Perez. This time it wasn't the walks, he only allowed 2, it was the home runs. He had given up only one so far this season but gave up 3 in this game including one to Rafael Furcal, the first batter, on an 0-2 pitch.

That really set the tone, as did Sandy Alomar's horrible decision to hold Carlos Beltran at third on Delgado's double in the top of the second. He would have scored easily. Plus the Mets have to take chances because the bottom of their order is so bad. I honestly feel things would have been a lot different if they would have gotten at least one run back right then.

If Brian Schneider keeps playing like this he'll remind Mets fans of Mike Piazza. He struck out with a man on third and one out and threw two balls into center field on stolen base attempts.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a bullpen that could come in and pitch 3 perfect innings?

By the way, Alomar also made a mistake sending Beltran home on his triple. Beltran ignored Alomar's waving. Even though he would have been safe it would have been imprudent to gamble there with no outs, down 5 runs.

The Dodgers are holding themselves back with the same wrong-headed thinking the Mets fall victim to. They have so many talented young guys yet they spent money on old veterans like Luis Gonzalez, Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones. I have no idea why they signed Jones rather than give Kemp and Ethier the corner spots with Pierre in center. Now that Jones is literally one of the worst players in the majors this year (194 out of 197 qualifiers in terms of OPS) I'm sure they're regretting that move.

Just for your information, Castillo is 181 on that list.

Since being demoted to the 8th spot Castillo is 0 for 10 (part of an 0 for 17 streak). He's come up 6 times with 2 outs and obviously made the third out all 6 times. So 5 times (one of those at bats ended a game) he couldn't even reach base just to ensure Reyes could lead off the next inning.

The Mets are now 2-5 when Perez starts. In his 7 starts he's given up 5 runs or more 4 times and 0 runs 3 times. This is what I wrote about him in my season preview "he can pitch shutouts and dominate, but he can also get wild and give up home runs" and so far he has been much worse than I expected.

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